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Blocknode is a blockchain-based reward and loyalty points system that provides businesses with a cost-effective method of rewarding staff or clients in cryptocurrency.

While there are many other cryptocurrency rewards systems around, the Blocknode system is unique due to its use of masternodes. Once signed-up, Blocknode business partners are provided with a masternode service which can easily be installed with support from the Blocknode team. No expensive additional hardware is required and the system can be installed on any computer or server, based on-site or in a datacentre. This gives businesses direct control over their own digital rewards and loyalty points system, facilitated by a decentralized and secure cryptocurrency platform.
The Blocknode Method

A pool of BND tokens are purchased during the initial masternode installation and can then be distributed via digital wallets to staff, clients or customers alike. This not only provides the company with a fully functional digital rewards platform but also makes them a direct investor in the Blocknode (BND) cryptocurrency. As the Blocknode network grows and more masternodes are added, the value of BND tokens will naturally increase. 

This offers a form of passive income for all partners and their users and is in direct contrast to traditional rewards points that typically lose value over time. The organic growth of the Blocknode masternode system is designed in a way that promises liquidity and increasing profits for all involved.

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