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LindaX is fundamentally a fork of the go and cpp Ethereum client. In fact, this means LindaX is much like its predecessor Ethereum, while adopting a variant of protocols.

LindaX is created with the intentions of vetted enterprises, partnerships, LLCs and corporations to engage and participate as active contributors of the network. By following consortium models, they are able to outline specific on chain ethics and behavior.

LindaX is a token utility platform used for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies. Their platform enables multi-layer networks built to improve the decentralization of distributed ledgers and users associated. The developer software is integrated within the main chain, creating a dynamic token creation platform offering a variety of DAPPS based on token utility.

The token platform is comprised of a set of tools and commands that helps people put all necessary aspects of regulations and blockchain technology together efficiently. It would create the infrastructure for companies to issue securities on the blockchain in an easy-to-use application. The platform will allow developers to utilize the LindaX network to launch their own tokens, while supporting Linda’s blockchain.

A good reference to an existing token platform is Ethereum’s ERC20 platform which has seen a lot of success. Their tokens have become some of the top cryptocurrencies. One of the major distinctions with LindaX is the developer support system. Linda will help with development, marketing, and the launch of their token on LindaX.
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