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Lindacoin is a peer to peer hybrid digital currency. It creates utility products that allow Linda to be used in everyday scenarios. It also offers partnership opportunities to other cryptocurrencies to use the Lindacoin platform.

Lindacoin aims to be at the forefront of technological innovation in payments,
combining the most robust cryptocurrency network with powerful social network effects. Lindacoin also utilizes Masternodes which ensures fast transactions, encrypted messaging, and stealth address for complete anonymity. Masternodes enable instant transactions in a fraction of a second, thereby making those transactions suitable for everyday use. Furthermore, they allow Lindacoin to have a privacy option. This allows transactions to be completely anonymous, a broadly desired feature of cryptocurrencies.

Lindacoin’s belief is to provide a healthy blockchain for users. In order to do this, users are able to keep Linda in their wallet to help generate additional coins for use. Due to this decentralized event that takes places, users are able to keep some of the newly generated Linda for their efforts. The algorithm for Linda allows the users to receive around 68% from staking and 96% from a masternode in additional coins over the course of a year for securing the network.

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