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The People want $PAC! ($PAC) Profile and Algorithm : x11 Proof Type : PoW Start Date : "03/01/2018" Minable : Yes Official Website Official Whitepaper : Official Twitter : CHOICE PAC stands for the “People’s Alternative Choice” a new form of Internet Currency. Having a choice in an alternative store of value promotes internet commerce and fosters innovation. The huge burden of current rules and regulations destroy the innovation within the current business economy. We see this today in civil lawsuits for millions of dollars. We also see a legal system that is fracturing under its own lack of clear choices. PAC is going back to the grassroots – where systems evolve from great ideas and innovative energy. This PAC system will enable resources to solve and find solutions -vs- getting stalled in legal conflicts. CONTENT In the middle of the PAC economy PAC becomes the primary medium of exchange. Content now becomes one of the vehicles that is exchanged as a value. An example of this would be a service marketplace where people would be looking to purchase new branding for their business, or an intro video explaining their offerings. will house this marketplace where these digital products can be sold via $PAC to others in the community. The real-world analog or example of this type of system is COMMUNITY Communities come together and provide support to solve and identify problems throughout the PAC economy. We have discovered the beginning of a social governance framework that will enable our social network to evolve into a problem-solving machine. The complexities of managing a decentralized community will be challenging – but not impossible. The goal will be to discover proposals for the $PAC economy and promote them to the master-nodes for final approval and resource allocation. CHARITY Charitable focus is another cornerstone of the PAC economy. Charitable focus is a fundamental value of many of the problems in our day-to-day lives that can be solved easily in a community environment. The community continually grows in its ability to help charitable causes as people discover together the benefit of functional charitable economy. Charitable focus will always be the “foundational fabric” of the PAC ecosystem. Many brands will want to help support the PAC system as they align their brands to support interests of both parties. This is what the community is saying! Unick - Awesome and dynamic community Regular updates Continuous Integrations and developement privatePAC: send with maximum anonymity Instasend through MasterNodes Technology Mobile iOS wallet -- Android soon AppleWatch wallet -- pay/received from your wrist Paper wallet to easily store and secure funds in a safe (or share with others) Awesome road plan Many new projects ahead Last but not least: Great ROI for MasterNode Investors You need more? check for yourself at
0xBitcoin [0xBTC]
Greetings Exchange Support Team, I am a community member of 0xBitcoin and would like to request a listing. We are a young community of two months, but there are a handful of professional developers contributing anonymously to this project. 0xBTC is a trustless mined currency that everyone can agree upon as being decentralized and fair due to pure mining distribution. Bitcoin does not interact with smart contracts at all, 0xbitcoin does, such as with all Decentralized Exchanges. Simply put, 0xBitcoin is Bitcoin, for Ethereum. Its main goal is to become Ethereum's first currency. Thank you for your attention, This is a great article that summarizes what 0xBitcoin is: Below is all the information needed for a listing: Official Email Address Real Time STATS LOGO Link Decimals (precision) 8 Coin Contract Address 0xB6eD7644C69416d67B522e20bC294A9a9B405B31 Discord Reddit Etherscan Link to Announcement/Website for Address Verification Bitcoin Talk Third Party Discussion/Review #1 Third Party Discussion/Review #2
BitWhite (BTW)
BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform designed to provide effortless development of decentralized applications. Integrating JavaScript and relational databases, BitWhite enables easy development of DAPPs and traditional web applications. BitWhite maximises the productivity of developers opening up unlimited business opportunities and novel web-based applications. BitWhite is a diverse and open platform and can be customized to support many applications including finance, document storage and copyright certificates. The fundamental nature of the abstract APIs enable combinatorial and highly varied applications. BitWhite has implemented an enhanced DPOS algorithm, greatly reducing the probability of forking and risk of double spending. The application of BitWhite's side chain restricts the growth of the blockchain as well as making DAPPs more flexible and personalized. BitWhite is a forward-looking, low-cost, distributed and decentralized application solution. Website: Wallet: We're on Twitter: We're on Facebook: We're on Telegram: GitHub: Medium: - all official news and updates Coinmarketcap: Blockchain explorer: Whitepaper:
Nihilo Coin is an non-monetary cryptographic medium of economic exchange that is designed for market participants who wish to settle their financial claims via alternative means of payment. Nihilo Coin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain algorithms. Nihilo is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers. Nihilo Coin is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. Nihilo Coin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem. #website: #resources #explorer #bitcointalk #telegram channel #telegram group #twitter #reddit #linked-in #medium #discord # exchanges # Coin portfolio #Market cap & index #wallets Windows QT - MacOS QT - Linux QT - Linux CLI -
Artax [XAX]
ARTAX(XAX) - Next Generation Mobile Storage Platform Website: Explorer: Discord: Twitter: Artax is a community managed platform with its own currency built upon third generation blockchain architecture. A dedicated committee directly manages the direction, development and marketing of the coin. Utilizing the Artax proprietary Encryption Cache Persistence (ECP) protocol in our ART (Accelerated Redis Transfer) node network, the limitations on traditional blockchain protocols have been lifted and a new era in greatly expanded and improved functionality is upon us. Expansion into spaces traditionally dominated by centralized service providers are now far closer to reality given enhanced efficiency built into our third generation blockchain and platform. Coin Specifications: Mining: 100% Proof-Of-Stake with ARTnodes (Beyond standard masternodes-proprietary ArtaxQ hashing algorithm improves security and functionality) Algorithm: ArtaxQ (Custom Quark-Hash algorithm with thoroughly tested proprietary cipher as a secondary layer of security) Coin Ticker: XAX Max Supply: 20,000,000 XAX MN Collateral: 2,500 XAX Blocktime: 2 Minutes Transactions: 160tx/sec Coinbase Maturity : 24 hours Nominal Confirms : 5 Premine: 500,000 (Controlled by a decentralized committee on a Public Ledger) Rewards: 85% Masternode, 10% Proof-Of-Stake, 5% Governance Protocol Features: - Platform Versus Currency - Encryption Cache Persistence - Accelerated Redis Transfer (ART) Nodes - Speed: 160 transactions per second on average
Carebit (CARE)
We are the first non-profit organization in crypto world and the first digital charity to have its own blockchain. We are also the first organization in crypto who has declared all the company assets on the website and on the discord channel. we try to be as transparent as possible. We are making a donation tracking system so anyone donating in CARE will be able to install an app and track their donations end to end. The application is coming soon, but we will implement a web tracking tool long before that as a prototype. we plan to be an independent charity helping people all over the world. we will employ individuals from all over the globe that will personally go to sites and people that need help and deliver goods. so we will not have to rely on any other existing charities, and this will help us operate in a transparent manner. There will be two types of funds in Carebit. The Emergency fund and a fund to help existing charities after screening and due diligence. Emergency fund will be delivered to the recipients immediately after any disaster situation to save time in helping those who need it quick. This will usually be given out initially from company funds and an event raised to collect donations later on. This will help Carebit to save time and reach any part of the world sooner than anyone else can. Carebit plan to deliver crypto cards to its team members and employees all over the world so the funds can be transferred to those individuals in a timely manner in case of any natural disaster or when we need to support poor and helpless children out of poverty. Carebit is a non-profit organization created to serve humanity. With your help, we can achieve this goal and through charitable donations to various organizations all over the world.
Dinero DIN
Masternode projects are getting more and more popular. In case you don't know what masternode projects are, here is a short explanation. Basically, masternodes are cryptocurrency full nodes that are always up and running, but performing additional functions that regular full nodes don't perform. Some of those functions include increased privacy and speed of transactions, decentralized governence of the main blockchain etc. Main benefits of masternodes are increased performances of the blockchain in terms of security, privacy and speed, and the improved decentralization of the blockchain, thanks to high costs of running a masternode. Dash was the cryptocurrency that introduced masternodes to the cryptocurrency market. Now, we have more than 200 masternode coins, and, although Dash makes three quarters of this market, there are plenty interesting projects that become significant members of the crypto market in the future. One of the best projects in my opinion currently is Dinero. Source: What is Dinero? Dinero is new digital currency, based on Dash 12.2. Name of this cryptocurrency originates from Spanish word for money. Dinero’s goal is to enable everybody to make easy and anonymous payments anywhere in the world. Dinero Coin (DIN) is already present on five exchanges (Crypto-Bridge,Stocks.Exchange, SouthXhange, TradeSatoshi and Graviex), and you can trade it there. Like many other cryptocurrencies, Dinero is based on privacy, security, decentralization, scalability and open source code. So what makes Dinero so special? Dinero has the same goal as many other projects, but the way they are accomplishing that goal is impressive. Developers from Dinero’s team are very active, open for communication and sugestions and very transparent in their work. There are many ways to communicate with Dinero’s team and to follow the development of Dinero. Also, there is an excellent roadmap on Dinero’s website, showing progress in every aspect of team’s work, including wallets, governance, exchange listing, partnerships etc. Source: Dinero’s team hasn’t conducted an ICO, which is not so common these days. But that is a sign of team’s commitment to the project and long-term development, and that their goal is not to make easy money, opposite to some other ICO projects we saw in the past.